Problem Behaviour Pack: $990CAD

Includes: 1 Behaviour Consultation + 5 Training Sessions + 1 Zoom Follow-up Session.

Take advantage of a PhD-level behaviour analyst (Dr. Protopopova) to tackle your challenging problem. Such behaviours may include aggression/ reactivity, separation anxiety, stereotypic behaviours, fearful behaviours, destruction in the home, and general lack of harmony in the home.

What is included in the “Problem Behaviour” Pack:

The first meeting will generally happen at your home. This Behaviour Consultation is conducted by Dr. Sasha Protopopova, a PhD behaviour analyst and a world-renown dog expert. Please allow 2 hours for this behaviour consultation.

During the behaviour consultation, we will identify a behaviour modification plan that will suit the family and has the highest predicted level of success. We may ask you to collect data on your dog’s behaviour in order to get a better, objective, understanding of the situation. We may employ various techniques such as a “Functional Analysis” to identify the environmental cause for your dog’s behaviour. In some cases, we may also decide that your dog may benefit from a separate visit with a veterinary behaviourist to consider supplemental medication. You will learn effective and scientifically-based behaviour modification techniques and gain an understanding of how they work and how to monitor success. At the end of the behaviour consultation, Dr. Protopopova will create a behaviour modification plan for the subsequent training sessions.

During the following 5 Training Sessions, we will work together with you to directly implement the personalized behaviour modification plan and Dr. Protopopova will monitor your dog’s progress through regular updates.

At the end, Dr. Protopopova will meet with you again virtually for an additional Zoom virtual session that will help address any lingering concerns. At this time, we may need to adjust the plan, recommend the next steps, or recommend more sessions to effectively solve the problem. Our goal is to clarify the path forward to a successful relationship between you and your dog.

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