Private Dog Training: $690CAD

Includes: Behaviour Consultation (2 hour) + 3 Training Sessions (1 hour/each). 

Many frustrating behaviours may be solved with a good training plan. Such behaviours may include pulling on the leash, resource guarding, jumpy/mouthy behaviours, reactivity (e.g., barking) on the street at other dogs, unfocused behaviour, etc. 

The first meeting will generally happen at your home. This Behaviour Consultation is a time for us to meet your family and your companion, and see the environment where your dog lives. 

During the consultation, we will carefully listen to your concerns, your difficulties with your dog, and work to understand the relationship with your companion. We will also ask you many questions so that we can be sure that we are giving you the best training plan. We will work on finding what motivates your dog to express certain behaviours, and then identify strategies on how to change these motivators and, thus, create new habits. Often, we will take the time to speak about dog’s needs, how to rearrange the environment to make everyone’s life easier, and how to maintain good behaviour in the home. As expected, we will be able to answer all of your questions and let you know about the most recent research on the understanding of our relationship with our dogs.

During the following two Training Sessions, we will work together to directly implement the personalized training plan, typically in your home (depending on the behavioural concern). The training plan may involve various exercises and games to address the target problem behaviour. The second training session allows for any needed trouble shooting and refining of the training plan.

A third online training session will solidify the work that has already been established and allow the owner to improve their skills at practicing the training plan with supervision. We are happy to discuss all of the services with you.

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