Dog Behaviour Consultation: $350CAD

You may elect to meet with Dr. Sasha Protopopova for a stand-alone behaviour consultation (2 hours) for a complex behavioural situation or for a second-opinion. The consultation will be done at your home or virtually (depending on the situation and your preference). However, an in-person assessment is preferred.

The consultation will include a careful analysis of the problem at hand with methods taken from Applied Behaviour Analysis. The methods may include a descriptive assessment and/or a functional assessment of behaviour, depending on the situation. Dr. Protopopova’s aim is to understand why your dog is engaging in the behaviour and identify what environmental factors are maintaining that behaviour. At the end of the consultation, Dr. Protopopova will prepare a written report including the description of the problem, the hypothesized cause of the behaviour, and some proposed solutions. If some part of the solution may be immediately put into place, Dr. Protopopova will show how to do it right away. However, in many cases, the solution may be a behaviour program that will need to be conducted over time. Dr. Protopopova may also advice owners to seek out an additional consultation with a veterinarian for ruling out medical concerns and/or supplemental pharmacological interventions. Please keep in mind that Dr. Protopopova is not a veterinarian and will not recommend any specific medication nor prescribe medication.

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