By Appointment Only

Vancouver, B.C., Canada


  • Do you speak French?
    Yes! Benjamin Bonhomme, the lead trainer, is from France. We welcome francophone owners.
  • My dog does not have any specific problems, can I still contact you?
    Yes! Often owners wait until behaviour challenges are apparent and difficult for the family. However, we love to provide preventative care in the form of on-on-one puppy training, new family dog training, and general welfare assessments for those that would like a second opinion on their daily lives.
  • What is your dog training approach?
    Our approach to dog training is empirically-based (where that evidence exists), with the rest taken from our collective experience with dogs and learning theory. We respect both owner and dog as partners with our goal of improving the relationships within the family unit. We focus on ethical, non-aversive, and biologically-relevant dog training that involves not only considerations of the methods of training but also the behaviours we actually train. We strive to ensure that our training, and what we ask dogs to do, does not harm the dog nor the owner and only serves to improve the relationship. Most sessions will be done with the dog on a long leash and a harness (with motivators such as food on hand) rather than with any training equipment. We are currently applying for AnimalKind certification.
  • How many clients do you work with at a given time?
    We only take on 2-6 clients per month. We aim to provide a carefully constructed in-depth assessment and treatment plan with a follow-up. Because we take on only a few clients at a time, you can be sure to receive a highly personalized service. The downside is that, because we only work with a few clients at a time, we may have a long wait list or refer you to other trainers.
  • Where do you conduct dog training and behaviour consulting sessions?
    Our assessments and dog training are done in the dog’s environment (i.e., their home) with many sessions likely to occur outdoors in public areas. That way, we can help the owner and the dog learn to navigate their environments successfully. We also provide online follow-up and consulting through Zoom.
  • Can you prescribe my dog behaviour medications?
    We cannot prescribe nor recommend specific medications (including for anxiety) for your dog. We are not veterinarians. If we suspect that your dog may benefit from medication, we will refer you to consult with your veterinarian and a veterinary behaviourist.
  • Do you train dogs for specific sports or work?
    We don’t train directly for sport, obedience, therapy, service, or other occupations. But we are happy to provide a second opinion for experts to improve their procedures, and/or provide welfare assessments/suggestions. Contact us to describe your special request.
  • Which areas do you serve?
    We will travel anywhere in the city of Vancouver as part of the cost, but will require +$30/session for the greater Vancouver area outside of the city (to pay for gas, car maintenance, and travel time). We are unlikely to take a case on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands, but you are welcome to contact us to explain your specific situation.